10th Annual Triathlon Survivor Match

2 out of 3 Falls Triathlon Match:

It’s a test of strategy and endurance to determine who can survive the triathlon of wrestling! Best of three falls in three separate matches!

  • Singles bout
  • Tag Team bout
  • Six-Man Tag Team bout

Captain #1: Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion RAY KANDRACK

Kandrack selected MECHA MERCENARY and CECIL SCOTT to round out his team


Captain #2: CHIVA KID

Chiva selected KAMAKAZI KID and ARIK ROYAL to form his team.


This is the 10th consecutive year CWF has featured the Triathlon Survivor Match, which is all about strategy and endurance to win this classic bout invented by Jushin Liger! Just one month after their amazing Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Match at the 12th Annual CWF Rumble, Chiva Kid and Mid-Atlantic Champion Ray Kandrack captain teams where they will select who from their team wrestles in each fall.

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